Meet the Founder

Kela Chatman, MBA (known as “KC”) is the CEO of Greater Works Coaching and is masterful at human transformation.

With an MBA, an Undergrad degree in Legal Studies, a Public Leadership Credential from Harvard Kennedy School of Business, and formerly a contractor for the Department of Labor as a Level III certified Career Navigator, KC’s qualifications pale in comparison to the level of experience, professional empathy and energy she provides her clients.

As an Army veteran, working as a Speaker/Coach and Host with High EQ and soft life Business consulting, KC is a triple treat (minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned) for government and businesses, and candidly makes her business calling a part of her daily living.

While living in Japan for 3 years, KC decided to work on a goal of peaceful mastery over mind and body.

This goal had been a struggle due to the trauma that she endured over the years of her life. By learning how to observe, train, heal & nurture herself, she began to coach others from her overflow naturally and authentically.

While healing from PTSD of losing her mother at an early age, from being sexually assaulted and stalked by her assailant while in the military, from experiencing heartbreak, betrayal, and unrequited love, from being defamed and sued by a former professional athlete, from almost flunking out of Harvard PLC due to Covid and corporate leadership betrayal, KC sees, understands, and knows the power of Endurance.

Highly energetic and characteristically somewhere between a honey badger and unicorn, KC understands that Leadership is the privilege that can sometimes feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

Her program, “The ICEBERG Method” is designed to assist successful CEOs, military leadership & affiliates, and business professionals to release the mental “burden” of thinking, and invite next level vision play by accessing futuristic wins through guided imagery.

This method is designed for the busy CEO, who needs the interactive coaching experience that goes beyond just ‘fill-in-the-blank’ courses and ‘feel-good’ cheerleading sessions. As a corporate world idea muse, and transformation pusher, Kela is intuitively on the edge of global thought leadership and “pure imagination” altruism for growth and expansion.

KC’s life on her down time includes singing either professionally or at karaoke bars (especially in Japan), home-cooked meals & game night with friends, music and dancing with her son & being silly with her family, traveling to foreign places, and talking to new people. Most recent obsession is thrifting for Japanese antiques. Self-care rituals include walking meditations & journaling for ideas in hot baths, trips to Hawaii and garden parties.